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Guangzhou Shengye Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.

Building cleaning services; pest control and rodent control services; landsca...

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 Guangzhou Shengye Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is a professional team engaged in property management and cleaning service projects in Guangzhou. The company follows the tenet of service first and customer first to serve the society, so that the company can develop rapidly. While the business volume increased, the company's fixed assets, talent structure, management level, clean technology, and service quality have all developed synchronously. We will always adhere to the management philosophy: high-quality management, service stems from the characteristic management of high-quality employees, thereby achieving high-quality management. The goal is to become a professional cleaning service company with large scale, wide business scope, complete equipment and strong strength. As the business level is recognized by the society, with the support of all walks of life and customers, our company's business scope has gradually expanded, and the types of servic... [Detailed Introduction]