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Xiajiao damp-heat type ED, how should Chinese medicine recover?

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Note:   For many people's dysfunction during intercourse,it is not only because of deficiency but also the existence of damp
   For many people's dysfunction during intercourse,it is not only because of deficiency but also the existence of dampness and heat,and the combined effect of the two makes your cavernous body insufficiently congested.Because of the deficiency is because the liver blood is not enough to nourish the cavernous body,and the damp heat is because the qi and blood that nourishes the cavernous body have a wet viscous and heavy turbidity.The combined effect of the two makes you appear dysfunction.At this time,it is necessary to treat damp-heat on the basis of strengthening the body.If the liver blood and feet get damp-heat,it will cause dysfunction.Case:Hello teacher,I am 30 years old this year.Because of this impotence problem,I have been unmarried,let alone having children,although I like children very much.Usually sedentary.Sometimes it seems that the scrotum is damp,and there is usually a lot of phlegm,and sweaty hands and feet.Stool does not form very well,once a day,there is constipation.The urine is yellow but not painful.It seems that there is no white dripping.Occasionally,the urine is slippery white dripping.The face is a bit greasy,and the hair will be greasy.I have cold hands and feet,and there is no sweat on my hands outside when it is cold.I was with my girlfriend in the first half of the year,about twice a month before.It’s okay to sleep.Early to bed is to wake up early.I don’t know if there is night sweats,but it’s not easy to fall asleep over and over again.I don’t usually feel thirsty,but in winter,I feel hot when the room is warm.The intestines and stomach are not good,the spleen and stomach seem to be weak,sometimes there will be oral ulcers and get angry.Sexual function is relatively short for a period of time,less than one minute.I don’t know what perineal pain is,but after a long time now,there will be pain in the egg,not in the lower abdomen.My legs and feet seemed to be sore.I had gastrointestinal infections and symptoms of cholecystitis in the first half of the year.There was always blood in my mouth in the morning.After taking western medicine for a period of time,it became better and disappeared,but I couldn't drink beer.If you eat hot pot that is too spicy,you will get diarrhea,sometimes if you eat it cold,you will feel uncomfortable if you eat it too cold.There is no treatment before.Let me talk about my current symptoms first.My nausea is gone,and my appetite is better.I still have phlegm when I wake up in the morning,and the soles of my feet are still a little sweaty.Too excited when doing it,get up quickly but go down quickly,don’t you have a heart and a kidney?When you urinate,you still feel less motivated.Sometimes there will be lingering.When you have a bowel movement,you still feel that you have finished urinating.If the bowel does not end,you will urinate for a while.I’m not very good at it,and I’m easy to get into the wrong corners.For example,when I encounter such a small thing as the door is locked or not,I will think over and over again in my heart,and filter over and over again,which is especially wasteful of mind.For many friends who have not been injured for a long time,it is usually yin deficiency.This state must be very lusty every day,and it is a state of yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity,and yang is always floating outside.Shou.At this time,the toughness is fine,but it goes down quickly.It is the result of a phase fire disturbing the sperm chamber.Similarly,the kidney is the gate of the stomach,and dampness will be produced if water dampness is not transported.Therefore,together with the heat generated by yin deficiency,yin deficiency and fire are formed.Therefore,the idea of​​recovery nourishes its kidney yin,clears its deficiency and heat and drys its dampness.Can use Astragalus,Shiwei,Cinnamon,Smilax,Chuanqi,Chuan Achyranthes,Anemarrhena,Phellodendron,Rehmannia,Yam,Cornus,Poria,Alisma,Dan Bark.After ten days,heat and dampness can remove the kidney's yin and essence and can nourish.
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