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China Association of Rehabilitation Medicine in the organization to watch the Organization of the na

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Note: On the morning of September 8, the China Society for Rehabilitation Medicine Resident Organization in the Conference Roo
 portant; float: none;">On the morning of September 8, the China Society for Rehabilitation Medicine Resident Organization in the Conference Room of the society, focused on watching the national commendation conference on the fight against the new pneumonia situation. Niu Enxi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive vice-president of China Rehabilitation Medicine Association, attended and spoke. Zhong Tiejun, Deputy secretary-general of the China Society for Rehabilitation Medicine, Jia Fukun, department heads and all comrades in charge of the institution attended the meeting. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, China has made significant strategic achievements in combating the new pneumonia epidemic, fully demonstrating the incomparable strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the indomitable will of the Chinese people, the remarkable advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and the solid national strength accumulated since the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China, socialist core values, the Chinese traditional culture has a strong spiritual power, as well as the building of a community of human destiny has a wide appeal. Secretary Niu Enxi pointed out that the Party and the State Award Medals and medals to the recipients of the National Medal and the national title of honor, which is an advanced individual and advanced collective in the national fight against the new pneumonia epidemic, national Outstanding Communist Party members, the national advanced grass-roots Party organizations to carry out the award, not only to Zhong Nanshan and other heroic figures fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but also to the country's vast medical workers incentives. As a national first-class society under the leadership of the Party, the China Society of Rehabilitation Medicine resolutely carried out the important instructions of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping, "hearing orders and acting on them, taking the lead in doing so. ". To mobilize the vast number of rehabilitation science and technology workers to take up the front line, carefully compile professional guidance on epidemic prevention and control and rehabilitation, energetically create emergency popular science works, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with international and regional rehabilitation institutions, the organization mobilized Rehabilitation Science and technology workers and the general membership to actively contribute to winning the people's war, overall war and interdiction of epidemic prevention and control, and was recognized by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology as the "outstanding anti-epidemic society" . Secretary Niu stressed that at present, the epidemic is still spreading around the world, "external anti-import, internal anti-rebound" task is still arduous. The Party organizations at all levels of the society shall carry forward the great spirit of fighting against the epidemic, which is "life first, the whole country united in one heart, giving up life and forgetting death, respecting science, and sharing a common destiny" , in accordance with the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee to "advance the prevention and control of the epidemic as a whole and economic and social development" , to give full play to the professional and expert advantages of the society, to strengthen professional guidance, increase popular science publicity and strengthen internal and external exchanges, in order to win the final victory in the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic, in order to fight a decisive battle against poverty, and win a decisive victory in the overall well-off society, to make due contribution to the rehabilitation of Chinese people.
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