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Lie down and you can lose weight! Chinese medicine to lose weight, not only to lose weight!

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Note: There is a lyric like this: love is not so easy, everyone has his temper, of course, the lyrics used in weight loss is a
 There is a lyric like this: love is not so easy, everyone has his temper, of course, the lyrics used in weight loss is also very appropriate.
To lose weight, in most people's eyes, it must be an extraordinary journey full of heartache.
Why lose weight? After the reduction, he is refreshing. Except for the change of body shape, the whole person's temperament is not the same, even self-confidence. Who doesn't want such a state?
But? After most people choose to lose weight, it will not be long before they give up for various reasons. For example, diet is not healthy, recovery is easy to rebound. I'm too lazy to exercise. Exhausted exercise, far less than the air-conditioned WiFi uncle Ge paralysis.
Then some people began to imagine: is there a way to lose weight by lying down without exercise, diet or medicine?
As a 40 year old Chinese medicine practitioner, it is necessary to tell you that choosing Chinese medicine to lose weight is like this.
First of all, what do we pay attention to in traditional Chinese medicine? Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "syndrome differentiation and treatment"! For weight loss, traditional Chinese medicine uses "to pass for use", "to pass for tonic", "to pass through the tonic", will stop in the body of patients with water dampness, phlegm turbid through the discharge, solution, tonifying, eliminating and other methods to remove phlegm turbidity, water dampness clear. As a result, the fat will be reduced.
The advantage of traditional Chinese medicine in weight loss is that there is no need to worry about rebound, and it is healthy and efficient. If it works on the spot, it does not need to be operated on.
Because traditional Chinese medicine is to solve the root causes of patients, to adjust the neural and endocrine function of obese people. Not only that, finally lose weight in the solution of obesity at the same time, for the complications caused by obesity, traditional Chinese medicine therapy will also be eliminated.
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