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Technical guidance scheme for disaster prevention and mitigation of traditional Chinese medicine in

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Note: In recent years, heavy rainfall in many places for a long time and a wide range has led to flooding disasters in some ar
 In recent years, heavy rainfall in many places for a long time and a wide range has led to flooding disasters in some areas of traditional Chinese medicine bases. In order to effectively deal with the disaster, reduce the loss of traditional Chinese medicine, and provide technical guidance for disaster prevention and mitigation:
1、 Connecting with insurance companies to reduce losses
After the occurrence of a disaster, pay attention to the collection of statistics of the disaster situation. If you apply for insurance in the insurance company before the disaster, you should contact the insurance company as soon as possible to make a claim, so as to reduce your own loss as much as possible.
2、 Accurately grasp meteorological information
During the disaster, Chinese herbal medicine practitioners need to keep abreast of the recent weather conditions, and actively contact with local meteorological departments to accurately grasp the future meteorological information of the base and surrounding areas, make emergency plans, and carry out relevant work in a targeted way.
3、 Actively carry out self rescue
1. Do a good job in drainage measures to prevent ponding
Rhizomes of Pinellia ternata, Atractylodes lancea and Scrophularia Scrophulariae, etc. will cause irreversible damage if the rhizomes are soaked in water for more than 24 hours, which is easy to rot in the later stage. Before the rainstorm, special personnel must be arranged to check the ditch in the base. The depth of the trench should be higher than that of the waist ditch. The ditch and dike should be reinforced. At the same time, the culverts around the base should be dredged actively to ensure smooth water supply. once the water is accumulated, the sludge in the drainage ditch must be removed as soon as possible to ensure smooth drainage. For the traditional Chinese medicine planted in greenhouse, we must ensure that the greenhouse structure is solid and the film laying is standard. We need to open a ditch at the edge of the film skirt. At the same time, we must ensure that the drainage ditch between the greenhouses can drain smoothly to prevent the backflow of water. During the rainstorm, the base must arrange special personnel to be on duty, timely investigate the dangerous situation, and report and properly handle the dangerous situation as soon as possible.
2. Strengthen the prediction of diseases and insect pests and enhance the ability of unified control
At present, the temperature is generally high, and the ground humidity is high after the rainstorm, which provides convenient conditions for the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and pests such as Erwinia, Rhizoctonia and Sclerotinia integriformis. If no effective measures are taken, it is easy to cause large-scale death of medicinal materials. After the rainstorm is over and the accumulated water is removed, the whole field can be sprayed with 1-2 times of 1300-1500 times of metalaxyl? Oxacillin, with an interval of 7 days. In case of sporadic occurrence of soft rot, 50% chlorobromoisocyanuric acid soluble powder or 800-1000 times of 80% allicin EC can be used to spray the stem base 2-3 times with an interval of 7 days. In case of sporadic occurrence of Sclerotium Blight, 500 million CFU / Trichoderma harzianum microbial agent can be diluted 600-800 times to spray the stem base 2-3 times with an interval of 7 days. If root rot is found, the infected plants should be removed from the field in time, and quicklime should be sprinkled into the diseased holes. If the root rot is relatively serious, the root can be sprayed with 1000 times of 30% carbendazim WP for 2-3 times with an interval of 7 days. Physical trapping or other biological pesticides can be used to control pests.
3. Timely harvest, good management and protection
For the severely affected base, after the water is drained out, the conditions should be appropriate, harvest as soon as possible, process and dry in time, and at the same time, do a good job in rural cleaning, spread microbial fertilizer 1-2 times, plough once, and then plant other medicinal materials. In the relatively light affected base, clean up unhealthy plants and replenish seedlings in time after the weather is fine. For woody medicinal materials, if lodging or breaking is found, even if it is righted or transplanted, the loss can be reduced as much as possible.
4. Encourage diversified processing methods
At present, the rainfall is still continuing. For growers with relatively small planting scale and lack of professional processing equipment, bad weather has a great impact on them. It is necessary to encourage farmers to actively connect with external channels, process as soon as possible, and prevent deterioration of medicinal materials. In addition, enterprises or cooperatives with mature processing conditions and sufficient processing equipment should be encouraged to widely publicize agent processing services and effectively enhance other services Farmers' anti risk ability.
4、 Indoor medicine management and protection measures
1. Arrange special person to inspect
In flood season, special personnel must be arranged to take care of the warehouse of medicinal materials, record and track the dead corner of the warehouse or the place where the warehouse is easy to cause moisture. The relevant personnel should be familiar with the classification, nature, business knowledge and fire safety system of stored medicinal materials, and master the operation, use and maintenance methods of fire-fighting equipment.
2. Use dehumidification equipment in time
Do a good job of indoor cleaning, reduce the occurrence of dust, prevent the formation of small droplets, leading to mildew of medicinal materials. When the humidity in the warehouse is higher than 15 degrees outside the warehouse, dehumidifier, high-power fan and other equipment should be used in a timely manner. At the same time, quick lime can be wrapped in sacks and placed everywhere in the warehouse to keep the indoor air dry.
3. Standardize the stacking of medicinal materials
The packed medicinal materials should be stacked on a platform, and should not be too dense to ensure air convection and prevent mildew. If the package is wet, it must be removed at the first time, and then dried and stored. If it is not possible to stack the platen in a short time, it must be turned over regularly. If it is sunny, it should be dried at the first time. In addition, we should do a good job in the warehouse management, destroy the deteriorated medicinal materials in time, and forbid them to enter the market.
5、 Management and protection measures of medicinal seeds
When the number of seeds is not large, cement tank and porcelain jar can be used as storage containers. For Coptis chinensis and other fruit medicine seeds, which can not be planted in time after harvest, can be stored in wet sand and placed in a cool place. When a large number of seeds are stored, they should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. The ground should be padded with a platform of more than 50 cm, and the containers for the finished seeds should be placed in turn. The seed bag can not be placed directly on the ground to avoid moisture. During storage, it is necessary to check regularly and clean the deteriorated seeds in time. If possible, the temperature can be adjusted below 20 ℃. 
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