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Is it difficult to take an examination of a physiotherapist of traditional Chinese medicine rehabili

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Note: Recently the Ministry of Human and social affairs special ability certificate has added a new type of work: Traditional

Recently the Ministry of Human and social affairs special ability certificate has added a new type of work: Traditional Chinese Medicine Physical Therapist Rehabilitation. Speaking of this certificate we are quite strange, then what is Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Physiotherapy? Traditional Chinese medical rehabilitation physiotherapy is based on traditional medical physiotherapy, using moxibustion treatment, massage point, cupping therapy, fire therapy, auricular point diagnosis and treatment, reflection therapy, psychological therapy, diet therapy and other diseases, simple, painless, non toxic side effects, is an important means of Sub-optimal health. What kind of work do rehabilitation physiotherapists of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) do: professionals who are engaged in rehabilitation physiotherapy work in rehabilitation hospitals, physiotherapy clubs, health care, health care, hospitals and clinics, etc. . What courses do I need to study for this certificate? I've arranged it for you, apply for Rehabilitation Medicine, diagnostic basis, common diseases rehabilitation treatment, traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation, exercise therapy, scraping therapy, cupping therapy, diet therapy, fire therapy, etc. . This certificate is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and is an important basis for the employer to recruit, assess and promote. Holders of Chinese Medical Rehabilitation physiotherapist certificate may be admitted to rehabilitation departments, rehabilitation nursing homes, sanatoriums, nursing homes, Children's welfare homes, sports schools, health, civil affairs, disabled persons'federations, special education systems, and families of patients at various levels of medical and health institutions, engaged in rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation care, rehabilitation and health care work. So how does the physiotherapist of traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Test? Its entry requirements are very simple, as long as the 16-year-old, with junior high school education can enter for an examination. The registration material provides, the two-inch document photograph, the ID card scanning document, the special ability examination application form these three May. The format of the exam is question-and-answer plus practice. Generally one hour can end the examination, mainly the examiner asked questions, the examinee answered, and then the examinee simulation equipment use, the examinee score. Who is qualified for the certificate? Health care workers, health care managers, massage moxibustion cupping self-employed shop owners, beauticians, health care practitioners, sports school doctors, the elderly/children rehabilitation center practitioners. All right, that said, I believe that we all know about this certificate, if there are not clear students, you can leave me a message in the comments area, or private message to ask me for more details.

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