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The first people's Hospital of Xiangtan popularized the skills of "self-help and mutual ai

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Note: On the afternoon of August 5, Hu Yanjuan, director of the emergency center of Xiangtan first people's Hospital, was invi
 On the afternoon of August 5, Hu Yanjuan, director of the emergency center of Xiangtan first people's Hospital, was invited to lead the counterpart support medical team to Xiangtan County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to train more than 100 medical staff in Xiangtan County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and to learn first aid knowledge together. In addition, public welfare propaganda activities with the theme of "platinum 10 minutes" and "first witness action on the spot" were carried out. Among the medical staff in the hospital, an upsurge of learning the skills of "self rescue and mutual rescue", "double cardiopulmonary resuscitation" and "electric defibrillation" was set off. Zeng Peng, vice president of Xiangtan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, expressed his sincere thanks to Professor Hu Yanjuan and his party for their arrival, and asked all staff to learn first aid knowledge and be ready to save other people's lives at all times. Through this training, the first-aid consciousness and ability of medical staff were improved, and the influence of self-help and mutual rescue in medical circle and society was expanded.
After the training started, Professor Hu Yanjuan began to give lectures with enthusiasm, and the vivid beginning let everyone quickly participate in the training. She combined the key points of cardiopulmonary resuscitation with her clinical experience, and made a deep impression on everyone. The standard action of heart compression was demonstrated on the spot, reminding everyone that the strength of the waist rather than the strength of the arm should be used when pressing the heart, and the common wrong actions were pointed out. During the artificial respiration, it was emphasized that the air must be blown through the mouth, and the correct way and frequency of ventilation were demonstrated for everyone. After that, Professor Hu Yanjuan also taught the key points of electric defibrillation, and moved the defibrillator to the scene for operation and explanation, so as to provide intuitive feeling and learn to understand and remember.
In the interactive link, Liu Sha, the chief physician in the emergency department of Xiangtan first people's Hospital, went to the stage and used the mannequin to perform the exercise for everyone. Professor Hu Yanjuan explained on the side, teaching everyone how to touch the real carotid pulsation. The field staff also experienced it in their own body. The atmosphere of the scene was very warm, and everyone was enthusiastic. They came to the stage and asked to experience and operate in person.
At the end of the training, many medical staff refused to leave. Some asked for the treatment of common clinical problems, some consulted the matters needing attention during balloon assisted ventilation, and others competed for the opportunity of operation and practice. Professor Hu Yanjuan was enthusiastic and taught everyone every move. Until more than half an hour after the off-duty time, the on-site staff gradually dispersed, Professor Hu Yanjuan was relieved to leave.
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