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How to use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate postpartum parturition of modern women?

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 Women need time to recover after giving birth. This period of time is called puerperium. In addition to the pressure of the production process, postpartum women need to be recuperated by confinement.
There are many physiological changes of women during pregnancy, especially the first pregnant women, who often face many conflicts between old ideas and modern knowledge. It is suggested that women's postpartum medicated diet and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning can consult a Chinese medicine doctor in advance, and then take it according to their personal constitution. During the period of confinement, they should keep healthy, comfortable and not irritable, and cooperate with appropriate postpartum exercise and balanced diet, so as to cultivate a better and healthier constitution.
In the past, women worked hard all day and were not well nourished, so they needed to take advantage of confinement to have a good rest. Therefore, the ancient Chinese medicine has "postpartum Qi and blood burst deficiency, should be great tonic.". However, modern people live a rich life, women usually less exercise and the obesity rate is increasing, so the method of "full complement" is no longer suitable.
For example, the puerpera with weak gastrointestinal system should not eat greasy tonic immediately after delivery, which is easy to cause flatulence, abdominal pain or diarrhea. In addition, women with uterine fibroids and other gynecological diseases should be more careful, not excessive supplement.
Postpartum conditioning can be divided into four stages.
1. The first stage: to eliminate lochia, you can use Shenghua Decoction to remove blood stasis and generate new blood, but pay attention not to use it with uterine contraction agent at the same time. It is usually taken five to seven times for natural birth, and three to five times for cesarean section due to blood stasis clearance.
2. The second stage: tonifying qi and blood. It is suggested that Bazhen decoction be used to regulate the deficiency of Qi and blood after delivery, which can help repair the endometrium.
3. The third stage: focus on regulating the spleen and stomach. Spleen and stomach dysfunction is a common problem for pregnant women. Sishen Decoction plus Sijunzi Decoction can not only regulate spleen and stomach, but also prevent uterine prolapse. And this soup can invigorate spleen and damp, regulate water metabolism, and have body shaping effect.
4. The fourth stage: focus on tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, using Shenqi Pill and Guilu Erxian glue. Lumbric acid is a common symptom of pregnant and lying in women. It is a manifestation of kidney deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine. Kidney tonifying drugs can also help the recovery of ovarian function and pelvic structure.
Women should pay attention to balanced nutrition and eat less cold food. Lactating women should take adequate nutrition, especially protein. They can eat fresh fish soup, peanut pig's hoof soup, black bean water, etc., and avoid leek, fried malt, ginseng, hawthorn and other food. Daily life should be more rest, less tired, can be slightly moderate activity, in order to facilitate the recovery of vitality, with postpartum recovery exercise, help uterine contraction and body recovery, avoid taking heavy objects, climbing stairs, bending and long-time squatting, bending, sitting on the plate, etc.

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