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Decoct Chinese medicine soup more thick better? How to grasp the decocting time?

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 In decocting medicine, some people think that the thicker the decoction is, the better the effect will be. In fact, this is a misunderstanding on the understanding, high concentration of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, not necessarily good effect.
Decoction in traditional Chinese medicine books and records has "soup, Dang also, to use for serious diseases.". This means that the decoction has the function of washing and washing, and it is most suitable for the disease with obvious imbalance of yin and yang or long course of disease.
How to decoct the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine well has been attached great importance by doctors of all ages. For example, Xu Lingtai said in "the origin and development of medicine" that "the method of decocting medicine should be deeply discussed. Whether the effect of medicine is effective or not depends on this." Therefore, it is very important to decoct the decoction correctly to cure the disease and give full play to its efficacy.
Chinese medicine decocting is a process of releasing and dissolving the active ingredients in Chinese herbal pieces. When the decocting reaches the equilibrium between the decoction pieces and the active ingredients in the liquid, the diffusion stops. At this time, if the decoction is continued to be "thick and less", not only the effective ingredients in the drug will not be released, but also the non effective components (such as resin, gum, pigment and other macromolecular compounds) will be continuously dissolved out, which will reduce the effective components in the liquid medicine due to evaporation, and even be damaged in the long high temperature, thus reducing the efficacy.
In addition, it is easy to burn the medicine for a long time. The excessive concentration of the medicine juice will aggravate the bitterness, bring difficulties to the patients, and cause nausea and vomiting after taking the medicine.
Therefore, in order to make traditional Chinese medicine play its due effect, it is necessary to decoct for a certain period of time according to the nature of the drug. According to the nature of the drug, decocting the first Decoction for 10-15 minutes and then decocting it for 10 minutes; for tonic medicine, after boiling for 30-40 minutes, the second Decoction for 25-30 minutes; for general drugs, the first decoction is decocted for 20-25 minutes, and the second decoction is for 20-20 minutes After that, it should be filtered and dried while hot to reduce the residue of the decoction.
Medicines containing volatile components, such as mint, perilla leaf, Huoxiang, Peilan, etc., do not need intensive frying. In order to prevent the effective components from volatilizing, they must be decocted with the cover; the antipyretic drugs such as honeysuckle and chrysanthemum, and aromatic drugs such as Amomum villosum and agaricum do not need to be decocted intensively.
Some tonic medicines need to be decocted intensively, but to what extent and how much to use, Chinese medicine practitioners should be asked to determine according to the condition of the disease. It is not allowed to add the amount or extend the decocting time without authorization. Some Chinese herbal medicines containing saponins, such as Radix Glehniae, Radix notoginseng, achyrrhizae, Radix Platycodon grandiflorum, etc., will start to boil when the temperature does not reach 100 ℃, resulting in "false boiling". If you take the medicine from the fire at this time Down, the effective ingredients in the medicinal materials are not fully dissolved, the efficacy will be affected, can not achieve the desired therapeutic effect, should be noted in the decocting.
Each time, the filtered amount of the decoction should not be less than 180 ml (about 9% of the normal bowl); if it is fried for children, the amount of liquid filtered each time can be reduced to about 120 ml due to the small dosage.
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